A Green Dog Grooming - What to expect in our salon
A Green Dog Grooming - Your professional groomer
When you bring your pet to our salon for grooming you can expect the following:
  • We're happy to see you. We may be busy with another pet or helping a client, but we're glad you chose us for your grooming needs.
  • Most times you won't find us bending over or down to pet your dog while you're checking in with us. We know that a grooming appointment can mean a stressful time for your pet and by bending over the top of your pet or placing our hands on your dog while you're still holding onto the leash, we're actually at our greatest risk of being bit by a pet that isn't too sure who we are or what's going to happen to them next. Your dog may have never bit anyone in their life, but we still take into consideration that they are a dog and we know how to behave around them and understand their language. We've participated in behavior clinics and recognize what is going on with your dog and it's stress level before most owners realize what may lay in store. We're reading a lot of body language with your dog that may be invisible to you. My body language is telling your pet that we are the leaders in this salon and nothing is worth getting too upset about.
  • We do expect you to have your dog on a leash and really appreciate it when your cat is in some type of carrier. Your dog may not have a problem with other dogs and you think it's wandering around our shop is just fine, but the dog on a leash that is being checked out or walking out the door while you're walking in may have a big problem with your pet stopping to say hello. When we pick up a dog without any kind of lead around it's neck and we're bending over the top of it taking it away from mom or dad, we are taking a huge risk of being bitten quickly and visciously by your dog that has no idea what to expect next or isn't happy with the grooming experience. If your dog has a leash on, we can at least keep it's head pointing forward while we're picking it up and prevent a bad injury.
  • We will listen carefully to what you're saying to us and ask you specific questions about how you want your pet groomed. There is a very good chance that if you come in and say, "just make him/her look cute", "just clean him/her up so they're not shedding all over so much" you'll be very happy with your results. If you're not sure what you want, or if you are having a hard time conveying to me what you do want or use terms such as "puppy cut", "teddy bear cut", etc., I'm going to ask you to be more specific.  These terms are not standard grooming jargon and can mean different things to different people and are not transferrable between groomers.  If you want your dog "short", I'm going to ask you "how short". I want us to have a dialog. I want you to be happy when you pick up your dog.
  • We will always give you a reasonable pick up time (or lead time as we call it) to let you know when your dog is finished. Most days it's 2 hours, Saturdays are usually 3 hours. This doesn't mean you pet "may" be done by then, it means it will be done by that time unless we have called you to ask for more time because of scheduling conflicts or unforseen circumstances. We work hard to stay on schedule and most appointments are actually finished before our arranged pick up time. We hate to make people wait as we understand your time is important. In turn, we expect people to be on time for their appointments and we expect them to pick up at the time we say your pet will be finished. We are a small salon and running out of crate space for your pet because you're late and everyone else is on time is not something we can always accomodate. We are very easy to work with, we understand that things happen and people will be late at times. Sometimes we're late for our own personal appointments. If we're alerted ahead of time that you may be late, you're on your way, your baby is napping, traffic is bad, etc. we will understand and work around your schedule. We always appreciate a phone call as it helps us work around the conflict. However, our time is valuable, we work by appointment and just like your doctor or dentist's office or anyone else that you encounter that has to stay on time, we will get to a point that we will point out a chronic problem with lateness. We will suggest a different appointment opportunity for the future, we will explain to you in person what we just wrote above and if it continues to the point it's happening ALL of the time, we will ask you to find another groomer. We've had personal appointments of our own that have been missed because of chronic lateness from others. We've had dogs in our shop for 7+ hours and when I called 3 hours ago you told me you were on your way and it's now 5:30pm (we close at 4:00pm). We've had people make an appointment for 11:00am, show up an hour and a half early without calling, then never tell their spouse what time we said their dogs would be finished and when we finally call to remind the spouse, they're still an hour late to pick up. We value your business and your time, we expect you to do the same for us.
  • You can expect your pet to be treated well and we work hard to make sure you're a long term customer and you're happy. If your dog doesn't look the way you like, please let us know immediately. Sometimes the muzzle isn't short enough, sometimes the ears are cut a little differently than you'd like. Just let us know, we can fix it for you quickly. The bulk of our business is built upon referrals from our happy clients. If something is not to your liking, we want to know about it. You can also expect an honest answer when you pick your pet up and ask us how things went. If your dog is a potential biter, if we have been bitten, your dog is very anxious and barks continuously, your cat is nearly impossible to work on, etc. we will tell you. We would rather have you know this information up front than have it come as a complete shock to you when the day comes that something serious like a bite actually does happen. Of course, most pets are very good and when we tell you everything is fine...we really mean that and there's nothing unusual to report.
  • You can expect that all the products that we have for sale in our salon are fresh and placed there for your benefit. We order Orijen and Bravo weekly or bi-weekly and order small amounts so that nothing is sitting in our salon for extended periods of time. We research the products in the industry and stay on top of what is going on in the world of grooming, healthy pet ownership, pet foods, trends, shampoos, etc. This is an exciting business to be in and we live and breathe pet ownership. We like to offer our own pets the best in the business and we offer yours the same. Occasionally we'll try a different shampoo line or we'll introduce a treat that just came on the market. They have to meet our standards (Organic or very close to it and made in either the US or Canada) and we'll make sure our pets enjoy these products before we pass them on to yours.
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