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These links are listed for your benefit and information.
Pet Food Links
Pet Adoption and Advocation
Commercial Breeders and Puppymill Awareness
National Breed Associations
(Please find your next puppy here, or from rescue)
www.shihtzu.org  (shih tzu)
www.bichonfrise.org (bichon frise)
http://amsc.us/  (miniature schnauzer)
www.asc-cockerspaniel.org (cocker spaniel)
www.ytca.org  (yorkshire terrier)
www.assa.org (shetland sheepdog)
We are strong supporters of rescue and choosing adoption for your new pet. Please find your next family member through Petfinder.com and support your local shelters and rescue groups. Please ask us for more information as we are heavily involved in breed rescue ourselves.
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