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How long have you been grooming?
I've been grooming for a little over 8 years. I worked under another groomer as an apprentice and eventually started taking on my own clientele. My husband and I also attend workshops and seminars, at least once a year, in order to improve our skills and pass this talent onto your pet.  As of August 2011 we have approximately 1200 clients in our database and that total increases daily as most of our business growth is due to referrals.
Why "A Green Dog"? What does the green stand for?
My husband and I have been very aware of and have studied the effects of a lot of the commercial products and foods on the market and their link to our pet's health. When I started this business, I had every intention of offering your the same quality of products that I would use on my own pets. Our cocker spaniel, Gimli, has severe allergies and diet needs so I'm familiar with how he's affected by inferior products when he's in contact with them. You will note that most of our treats are USDA Organic. Our pet food line, Orijen  has been Pet Food of the Year by the Glycemic Index for 2009-2011. Most of our shampoos are USDA Organic. Our products are also made in North America and we continually seek out brands similar to them to offer our clientele. The way we conserve energy and dry your pet uses a lot less energy than most grooming salons and we care about what is going down our drains as much as we care about what we're using on your pet.
Why does it always smell so good in your salon?
We diffuse Young Living Oils daily and you're usually smelling basil, lemongrass, corriander, or a combination of other essential oils. We want you to be assured that your pet is being left at a grooming salon that smells clean and invigorating and we'd like to think these calming oils have a relaxing impact on your pet as well as ourselves.
Why are you so concerned with the food my pet eats and what difference does it make?
If you've known my husband and myself for any amount of time, you'd know that we're heavily involved with dogs either through our rescue or through our grooming business, and have been for many years.  We take our pets and your pets seriously.
We've seen a lot of this.
We've also seen a lot of this.
We know that one of the most important things you can offer your pet, is a clean and quality pet food. Years ago, we used to feed one of the popular brands of pet foods that you see in most vet offices. We thought we were doing well, actually wanted to offer our dogs an even better food but didn't really know where to start or how to read an ingredient label. In the mean time, our dogs were experienceing hot spots on a regular basis, chewed up and stained feet, gross doggy breath, etc. So we'd go to the pet food store, shop around, pick out a different brand thinking we're making an improvement and go home and offer it to our pet. The first Saint Bernard I owned, died of lymphatic cancer in 2002. From the time he was diagnosed to the time we ended up having him euthanized, I had spent countless hours researching pet foods and basically anything that would maybe help extend his life and make him more comfortable. I had a number of friends who had raw-fed their dogs and tried that as well. Then I started reading about what is really going into our pet foods and I started to get pretty angry about it. I looked at the slick commercials, the artwork on the bags (I've got a background in marketing and all of these things are transparent to me), the magazine ads and noticed that the ad campaigns for these big name-brand foods were quite impressive, but the list of ingredients in their foods and then the actual breakdown of what those ingredients were and where they came from, was insulting.
I read this book and it changed everything for me:
I knew the big, brand name foods weren't what they were cracked up to be and for someone who's been working with and caring for cats and dogs since early childhood, I realized that I wasn't exactly sure what we should be feeding our carniverous pets. We're so used to having our own diets be prefabricated and filled with preservatives, that assuming our pets foods were the same seemed almost normal and acceptable. That's not the case at all.
As a groomer, I have an intimate ability to examine your pet when I'm working on it. In my tub, I can feel all over your pet and evaluate skin quality. On my table and in the drying process I am judging coat quality and the feel and loft of your pet's fur. I'm looking at teeth, nails, feeling the overall structure of your pet. While doing this I'm noticing a lot of foul-smelling dog breath, chewed and stained paws, hot spots that are fresh or healing. When I take a Saint Bernard into my rescue, my home and it's covered in dried urine, loaded with tapeworms, fleas, has been tied up in a backyard with a logging chain and ignored for two years or has been living outside in the dead of winter with no shelter and it's genitals have frozen to the ice beneath it and is literally starving to death...I can't feed it something like you'd find in a grocery store and expect it to be well. If I discuss my findings with you about your pet in my salon and ask what you're feeding and you tell me it's something from Walmart or the grocery store and is made by a multinational corporation, I'm going to give you some information to think about. I've done the work, the research, the years of trial and error in my own home and I'm going to pass this information on to you. As we explain, we're not the "food police", we can't make you do anything but we can give you information that may be completely new and different to you and more than likely, will change the health of your pet. We can at least get you thinking and for your benefit and convenience, I've placed in our salon the best pet food we could find.
Please visit this link as it explains what goes on behind the scenes when creating the grocery-store quality foods you may be giving your beloved pet.
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